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Help Preserve the Fountain of Unlimited Health Uniquely Found in Micro Communities Around the World

In a few places in the world, the natural state of our perfect health remains.  These communities provide a window of what is possible.  They show that illness (both chronic and immediate) is an unnatural state.  However, the health of these communities is under threat.  Humanitarian and environmental efforts have begun to whittle away at their traditional diets and have encroached on their land.  The children are being fed a school lunch of water, beans, corn, sugar, and vegetable oil.  If this continues, we will see the same decline in health that we have seen all over the world.  Soon, they too will think that chronic disease and ill-health are normal.  At Cows 4 Kids, our mission is to provide the school children with their traditional tribal diet and to help community members preserve their ancient dietary knowledge in a modern setting.  Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about Cows 4 Kids!


Here at Cows 4 Kids, we find that it is not good enough to reverse disease.  We are in the business of stopping it all together.  Each of the communities we support consumes a different traditional diet, yet they all maintain perfect health.  We provide them with the animals to continue their unique ancestral diets and keep their wisdom alive.


The beauty of giving an animal to a village, is that it is self-sustaining.  These animals will have babies that will have babies, providing unlimited generations with nutrient-dense ancestral nourishment.  This is not a handout.  Further, none of these animals require feed in these regions, as they graze on the wild plants.  The communities supported by Cows 4 Kids have a heritage of animal rearing, and already maintain the skills to keep vibrantly healthy animals. 



Feed a child their traditional diet.  Save the world.



The Chagga live on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  Their traditional diet includes fresh glacial water, milk, butter, goat meat, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, banana, taro, avocado, mango, sorghum, and millet.  In the last hundred years, maize has replaced sorghum.  With this initiative, our goal is to promote proper processing of maize using the five-stage process.  This process is necessary to avoid pellagra and malnutrition.  In addition, we aim to provide enough chickens, goats, and cows to feed the children their traditional diet while at school.  Currently, they are being fed a gruel comprised of unprocessed maize, beans, and water.  For this Chagga village, 20 cows, 30 goats, and 60 chickens are needed.




The Batwa are in a unique situation in Uganda, as they have been displaced by the 1991 Bwindi National Park laws.  Traditionally living as hunter gatherers, the Batwa have always maintained perfect health.  However, as they are now displaced, they can no longer procure their food from hunting, and their health is rapidly declining.  They are in urgent need of livestock.  For this Batwa village, 20 cows, 50 goats, and 60 chickens are needed.




The Maasai live in Tanzania in the valley of Kilimanjaro.  Their traditional diet includes raw milk, blood, goat meat, beef, and herbal tea.  Although the children have their traditional diets at home, they are fed vegetable oil, corn, and beans at school.  For this Maasai village, 10 cows and 20 goats are needed for the school to provide a proper Maasai lunch.



"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Brian Sanders, Jay Hanamura, and Mary Ruddick started after a life changing trip to Tanzania and Uganda.  All three founding members have long worked toward reversing disease in the western world.  Upon seeing the perfect health of so many villages start to decline, they realized that something had to be done. is a result.  Contact us and join the revolution:

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